10 unusual places to drop your business card – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 9

In order to honor all the B-movie traditions, we interrupt the flow of the story with a girl being attacked elsewhere. B-movie theory claims that this is necessary to maintain the audience’s interest. Plus, you need enough such material for the trailer. Girls getting attacked is popular trailer material.

As a special feature, the event depicted here are actually relevant to the plot! Don’t laugh, there are B-movies that have such sequences without any connection to the story. But not here! Here, the sequence is elegantly and subtly…stop laughing, I said!…elegantly and subtly used to not only stress the danger posed by the as-of-yet-unidentified threat, but also to provide opportunity to drop a few more hints for our protagonists to figure out.

That sort of hint can, in theory, range from subtle through contrived to blatant. Naturally, the script settles for blatant. After all, everyone knows that secret organizations always have a tendency to print their symbol onto playing cards (usually the ace of spades) and leave those cards behind at the scene of their crimes. History is chock-full of examples for that sort of thing!

…I mean, I haven’t checked…but you see it happen so often in fiction, history must be chock-full of examples, otherwise it would be pretty….stupid. ._.

I’ve never figured out, however, precisely why secret organizations identify themselves that way. This lack of any perceivable rational basis leaves only two possible explanations: religious observance or tax reasons. ._.

More on Thursday.

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