Meet the Bewbies – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 10

After the little intermission unnamed girl #2, who debuted and gaver her farewell performance in the last strip, this strip features the first more substantial addition to the cast – Biff Boffenheimer’s new girlfriend, Busty. She is…well, I guess she is everything you’d imagine a girlfriend of Biff Boffenheimer to be. She might yet reveal hidden talents or traits, but given how easy it is to hide something from Biff, we are safe to assume it were her non-hidden traits that attracted him to her. Does this also hold true the other way round? We shall see.

Much more disturbing than Biff’s taste in female company, which remains fully within expectation, is the failure of Professor Dr.’s calculations to correctly predict the next person to enter the laboratory. It can’t be the fault of his model, obviously, since he developed that himself. The hardware also can’t be faulted, since it is the most modern in existence, as the Professor pointed out. Of course they are, because every B-movie scientist always has the latest equipment at his disposal, no matter the circumstances, and no matter how outdated the equipment looks. You see, the most advanced computers are going back to using magnetic tape for storage, since it has clear advantages over the current storage technology: it gives the user something moving to look at while processing is underway.

Anyway, with both model as well as hardware being flawless, the predictive failure can be explained in only one way: a partial or temporary breakdown of the laws of causality.

That does not bode well for the script.
More on Monday.

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