10987654321Ignition! – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 12

In Biff’s defense, the huge letter ‘B’ he drew on his helmet prevented him from seeing his fingers clearly. He’s usually much better at counting, if only he can see his fingers. And he was home ill a lot when he was in first grade, and spent much of his time at school sitting in front of the principal’s office. So cut him some slack. It’s not like it mattered, anyway – they just had him do “the countdown” to keep him occupied, so he wouldn’t fidget too much.

Aside from that, there really wasn’t a lot you could have done different in this sequence – the order of events is pre-ordained, and the stock footage to use in their depiction is well-traveled to the point of being iconic. And since the actual Apollo rockets were rather thin, it wasn’t even much of a challenge to plaster the “Thunderstreak 30” in front of it.

Our heroes are off to space!

More on Thursday.

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