Don’t trust the B – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 11

That’s some good thinking by the Professor – with everyone wearing identical spacesuits, it could have become difficult to pick those four people of vastly differing sizes and builds apart. Well, at least at first glance. OK, perhaps not first, but at 0.5th glance – you can’t tell them apart the very moment you see them, but a few milliseconds later, when the nerve impulses reach your visual cortex.

It was hard enoug for George Geekish to produce four identical “space suits”, anyway. These suits are made from high-tech fibers, and George only had four large trashbags to work from. Giving them that metallic sheen required a lot of creative spray-painting. The collars were simpler – those are actually parts of suits of armor they had on stock from a medieval movie they once did. The helmets were tough again. George’s first idea, naturally, involved fishbowls, but he just couldn’t find anything of suitable size for the money he had available. But on his way home, he saw the light! Literally – he saw the streetlamps turned on, and they had those big, beautiful bowls. Big, beautiful, sparsely secured bowls, which he had paid for, anyway, with his taxes (he felt reasonably sure of that). And, anyway, if they survive the shoot he’ll put them back.

Biff might be easy to pick out (or pick on) for his choice of putting his identification letter on his helmet – but, on the other hand, it’s the correct letter! And correctly applied mirrored (from his perspective). That’s actually a pretty impressive achievement, nevertheless.

More on Monday.

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