(1:1)x5 – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 59

It’s finally time for Si’ri to enter the fray!

…well, technically she entered the fray a while ago, but nobody noticed. But it’s finally time for Si’ri’s contribution to the fray to be acknowledged. By us, at least.

And she really does her best, too, but of course it’s hard to really make an impact on this sort of physical altercation if you’re only weighing as much as a postage stamp. I guess there was a reason why she generally left all of the fighting to K’ip. In her defense, it’s not like she actually has less of an impact on the score than the last few competitors…she just fails to have more.

But the relative indecisiveness of the conflict seems to be dawning on the participants, as well…along with the question why neither side in this conflict has gone all-out on the other. I mean, even beyond the need to preserve an appropriate age rating. Could it be that both sides instinctively understand that they’re not really enemies? Could it be that both sides have been worn down by the weeks and months of incessant slaughter? Could it be that they’re all doing work-to-rule while contract negotiations for higher wages are proceeding? Could it be ancient aliens?*

In any case, something is amiss, and the team is finally recognizing it – only took them three weeks, not bad by their standards.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* No.

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