Fuel on the Fire – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 60

Finally we’re getting another look at DM’s scoreboard, and it looks like he’s been way more generous than me – without that affecting the end result in any way, though. He also seems to have overlooked Si’ri’s contribution to the fight…but then, everyone did, and DM at least got an excuse in his failing eyesight. And the fact that he cleverly stayed some distance away from the fighting.

Not that the fighting ever got so heated that it would have been unreasonably dangerous to come close…and DM actually seems to have noticed that. Disapprovingly, it seems. For what he does in the last panel is just a reckless act of pouring fuel into a fire…any single one of those issues he’s throwing in the air has the potential to wreck friendships, fracture families, cause riots and initiate the downfall of civilization as we know it. Bringing up all of these intractable controversies at once is an utterly irresponsible experiment with the very nature of human (and feline) disagreement. Border disputes and theological disagreements have nothing on this sort of question when it comes to their ability to divide people into warring factions. You can have a civilized discussion on whether Brexit is a good idea or not – but the question of whether Mike or Joel was the better host on MST3K can really send tempers flaring. The console wars have been flaring with the force of a thousand hellfires since the creation of the second video game consoles…with the sides constantly shifting, but opposed to each other with a degree of enmity that makes the East Front of WWII look amicable by comparison. And that’s still nowhere near the level of emotional stakes that are involved in the best waifu question…
I have no idea where DM’s going with all of this, but it’s definitely on now. ._.

On a side note (or a sideways glance), we get our first look at the other half of the room today. Its furnishings are a bit livelier and more original than in the half we’ve seen up to now. There’s faintly glowing lava, a crackling, spherical forcefield, mysterious runes and more – definitely following a more free-minded school of thought on interior decoration. It does look a bit disjointed, though…perhaps a few throw pillows could help to pull it all together more? Ideally, lava-colored with electric-green highlights…might not be easy to find…

More on interior decoration* on Thurs…uh, Monday.

*No, not really.

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  1. But Kirk WAS better then Pickard… at least before he was rebooted.
    And there is a lot of people that would agree with several other statements.
    Wouldn’t it be funny if instead pissing them off, DM only ended up making them befriend each other?

    1. It’s not wheter those statements are wrong or not or whether people agree. It’s just that the flame wars about at least some of them reach the force of a thousand suns.
      DMs strategy might be that be throwing out all those statements makes the groups reject all of those plus his earlier statement about them being enemies, similar to the proper reaction to a troll. (Although DM would probably reply that he clearly isn’t a troll but a gnome).

    2. Well, as Baltor said, for any of those positions, you’ll find people who passionately agree with them, and just as many who passionately disagree. But you’ll probably never find two people who are on the same side of every single one of them, and that’s why DM is throwing all of it out there – to which end, I can’t really reveal yet.

  2. I get the stargate. But I don’t recognize that spiral cross. Is that a reference as well? If yes, for what?

    1. “I just want to make sure that we are clear it’s the Fargate! ‘Goes far’, get it? And there it is no way it came from that movie, or that syndicated series based on the movie!”

      1. Normally you’d only have to look at Chinese or Mexican bootleg merchandise for a good ‘alternate’ name…but there doesn’t seem to be any bootleg Stargate merch. That’s almost kinda sad, actually…

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