Everybody Was Kung-Fu Figthing – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 61

Well, all of that fuel DM added to the fire seems to have done its job, since the fighting has definitely become a lot more heated and passionate. As a positive (?) side-effect, it has dissolved the firm alliances that were in place until now – it now is every man, woman, boy and cat for themselves. I guess this, too, was predictable, giving the nature of DM’s fuel.

The Professorian is definitely on to something, there – it’s easy to maintain a dispassionate and sober attitude toward a fight, as long as the stakes are only life or death, or the future of some world threatened by the forces of evil, or similar trivialities. But when it comes to something as deeply existential as fandom preferences, you can’t help but rally every ounce of strength at your disposal, and terminate friends and foes alike with extreme prejudice. Everyone dies some day, after all, but these fandom controversies are interminable and eternal.

So, even the Professorian rallies every ounce of his strength, despite having less than half as many ounces as any of the others. And he manages to hold his own against Snuka without too many problems. The strange thing is that he wasn’t much of a fan of Episode I when he first saw it as an old man…but now that he’s nine years old himself, he’s somehow quite fond of the movie…

It’s less surprising that Mopey is a fan of Tim Burton movies, of course. K’ip takes the opposite opinion, which is more surprising – given that we haven’t yet seen any indication that this fantasy setting features anything analogous to movies. Perhaps he’s only mindlessly contrarian, or Tim Burton’s controversial status is some sort of cosmic constant, or something like that.

Meanwhile, Gregory and Biff discuss the merits of the 8th season of GoT. Gregory seems to like some aspects of that season, and he only get’s suplexed into the stone ground for his unpopular opinion – I’ve seen people suffer far worse for statements along these lines. >_>

Si’ri has opinions, too, but naturally has a hard time to make her point as forcefully as the others. It doesn’t surprise that she doesn’t like that particularly movie, though, since it was a grave insult to fairydom in general. >_> (And, yeah, the Professorian suddenly likes Hook for the same reason he suddenly likes Episode I…)

More (carnage, likely) on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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