<--- Place 'screwing' pun here. - Chapter 2, Strip 286

Well, he had to find some way to get his rocketship out of that mountainside…

Nobody knows whether there is intelligent life anywhere else in space, and if there is, on how many planets. But even if there are tens of thousands of planets inhabited by sentient aliens, I highly doubt that more than a few of them could boast of a country where utterly pointless, giant-sized versions of nearly every imaginable everyday item are randomly placed on the fringes of their tranportation infrastructure. I think Earth would, in fact, derive most of its collectible value (for space-conquering megalomaniac aliens) from this single attribute. (Can you imagine a “World’s biggest bat’letH” museum on Qo’nos? ) This is practically an invitation to attack and conquer us.

In case you wonder where our villain got that flying saucer from, he found it here on Earth – left, in all likelihood, by Ancient Astronauts! I knew it couldn’t hurt to mention them occasionally…most B-movie plots sooner or later reach the point where you have to fall back on them… >_>

As far as SFX go, George combined two different approaches to the depiction of flying saucers here – some state-of-the-art CG material (he stole from out of another movie) and the use of a hubcap. I think the resulting difference is not quite as vast as the difference in cost…George likes it when that happens.

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