A dwarf’s best friend. – Chapter 2, Strip 261

Our villain seems to begin scraping the bottom of the barrel, when it comes to further delaying our heroes’ progress – the West-Gate of Moria is something he just happened to have laying around, because it came as an accessory to the Balrog he had ordered earlier.

But, naturally, it didn’t delay the Professor nearly as long as it did that other grey-bearded guy. Given all the languages the Professor and his entourage know between themselves, they were sure to find the correct word pretty quickly, anyway, even if the Prof. had failed to come up with an even simpler solution: Dwarves are miners, so naturally dynamite would be their best friend – it’s saves you such a lot of time and effort on underground construction. (And that a pack of dynamite was the secret password to the gate of Moria just proves that the relationship between Elves and Dwarves has always been antagonistical, after all.

And in case you are wondering where the Prof. get the dynamite from: Easy, he took it out of Snuka’s inventory through the shared inventory system. Snuka always carried a small stock of it around – it saves you a lot of time and effort in his line of work, as well.

(A side-note on panel two: The Professor is not trying to kick the door in, he’s just looking up to read the inscription. With his unique build, that does require a bit of gymnastics, of course…)

More on Thursday, and a new voting incentive is up, as well.

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