Polishing the candidate. – Chapter 2, Strip 260

I recently referred to villains killing of henchpeople for no reason, but I realized that I should qualify that remark: Villains usually always have one good reason to kill any and all of their henchpeople, and that is the latters’ startling incompetence. So while the occasional execution of henchmen is not really uncalled for, per se, it’s still arbitrary in the way that villains tend to kill only select individual henchmen, not all of them…

And our villain has to fight henchmen incompetence on two different fronts at once: Firstly, his henchmens’ inability to stop our heroes from advancing towards their goal, and secondly C.A.T.S.’s inability to effectively communicate to the people of Earth the recent change in ownership of their planet. (For his original attempt, see here.)

He has done a lot of research, since then, and really tried his best to arrive at a more effective and less threatening framing for the sad facts of subjugation…but I’m not sure he’s tweaking the right aspect of the whole matter. Sometimes, I can’t help but sympathize with B-movie villains…

Well, more on Monday, and a new voting incentive is also up.

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