A Fish Out Off Water – Chapter 7, Prologue 20

Notch up another victory for our intrepid hero! *fanfare*

Admittedly, his opponent was somewhat…uh…self-defeating, being literally* a fish out of water. But the basics are that K’ip conducted a number of attacks, and that the enemy was defeated at the end. That counts as a victory, even if the first wasn’t exactly causal to the second, and more like coincidental.

As for K’ip’s bowmanship, I guess we’ll have to trust Si’ri’s word that it looks competent in the execution. And we’ll definitely have to agree with her assessment that the results still seem a bit sub-par. Which would inevitably lead us to share her worries regarding those parts of the world that are further than a few hundred yards from the starting point, and thus likely to feature monsters with a challenge rating above n.a. >_>

Hey, I see a pattern beginning to emerge here…we’re probably going to agree with Si’ri a lot. That’s the nice part about being an exposition-fairy, you get lots of agreement from people, even if it tends to get peppered with more and more “I know!”s as time goes on.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

* Old-style literally, i.e. literally-literally. Not just the new-style general-emphasis-literally (aka Gorilla-Monsoon-literally).

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