To the Victor Goes the Spoiled Day – Chapter 7, Prologue 19

Well, you know how it is – sometimes, to the victor go the spoils…and sometimes, the spoils come after the victor. At least in some fantasy RPGs, where treasure might be found in chests, and where such chests might be protected with a trap. Actually a nice little addition, but in cases where the base chances for chests and for traps were independent of the type and difficulty of the encounter, it did raise a few questions. Like: Why would a monster keep treasure in a chest if the chest was of higher value than the treasure? How does a pixie even carry a chest? Why would a shark even collect treasure, and keep it in a chest to boot? And why do you only gain experience from a fight after opening the chest left behind?

Questions over questions, and Si’ri is currently grappling with a few of them. She can afford a philosophical outlook, she was smart enough to hide behind a tree while K’ip went about opening the chest (she had an inkling that K’ip might go for one of the unsafe options).

While Si’ri is grappling with questions, K’ip is grappling with the fact that his day has taken another downturn only seconds after it finally started to look up. The prospect of loot lifted his moot…uh, mood (moot only being what those prospects are now).

And all of this effort, not to mention the damage to the forest and to K’ip, for such slim pickens. But, hey, 5 rupees is better than nothing, and those 4 exp bump him right up to -6 in total. As for the 0.5 arrow, its usefulness depends on whether it’s the upper half or the lower one…and whether the next kobold they meet happens to have the other half. ._. Being a solo adventurer, K’ip at least doesn’t have to share his spoils with anybody. Half an arrow is even less useful once you divide it by six.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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