A flying whale of a tale – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 12

Panic! Chaos! Sudden plot development! Good thing that Snuka quickly dumped some cold water on it, I don’t know if I could have taken the strain any longer!

Yes, it’s an all-new character with a whale of a tale to tell…well, the next time, I mean, after formalities have been dealt with. Rules are rules. But let’s take the guy’s measure right away – his name clearly indicates that he’s one of the good guys. Never heard of any villain, or even just anti-hero, with a name like Hawker Valiant. Never heard of a plane of that name, either, but that’s because Hawker planes used names beginning with ‘H’, and the names beginning with ‘V’ were reserved for Vickers. Anyway, the name clearly says he’s a good egg. Ignore the bit about being an alien spy…he’s an airline pilot. They often get confused about whom they are working for, airlines merging or changing their names and all that. *cough* >_>

By B-movie standards, George Geekish and Johnny Walker did a pretty…average job on this one. A few flaws here and there, but a few very perceptive members of the audience might spot them! Mainly, there are three little problems:
– George didn’t research an altitude to fill out the script
– Captain Valiant’s pilot outfit is slightly out of fashion
– That’s not an Airbus 321, it’s a Messerschmidt 321. But, heck, who can tell all those nazi planes apart, anyway. >_>
So yeah, they could have done a slightly better job, but I guess the …uh…artistic integrity…of the movie as a whole remains…inviolate…excuse me, I need to get a drink of water.

More on Monday.

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