Plane Nine from Outer Space – Chap. 4, Act 1, Strip 13

So here it is, Captain Hawker Valiant’s shocking revelation! A flying saucer! A real U.F.O.! Who would have expected it?

Well, aside from everyone, I mean. >_> Seriously, this was inevitable. There are only two potential functions for a pilot to play in a B-movie plot: either sighting an UFO, or crash-landing on an heretofore undiscovered island full of dinosaurs. Since crash-landing wasn’t an option in this case (since Capt. Valiant seems to have left his plane at home), it had to be option 1: the flying saucer. Aside from that, how would you have a B-movie with “Uranus” in the title without having an alien spacecraft appear? Don’t answer that.

George Geekish phoned the stock footage in on this one…or had Johnny Walker phone it in for him. But since the script isn’t able to remember which plane Capt. Valiant was flying at which altitude over which city, George is entirely demotivated to keep his stock footage consistent.

In other news, Hawker’s eyes have really had it with that constant distrust. They haven’t betrayed him even a single time in all of his years as a pilot, and yet his first impulse is to blame them whenever he sees something even slightly outside of the ordinary. If he keeps that up, they’ll soon be looking for and alternative position. Derp.

But the most important thing is that there is another victory for science! The Professor has determined that the margin of error for calculating the results would be plus/minus 27 percentage points, meaning that his prediction was correct to anything between 23 and 77 percent, and the other two qualified predictions to 73 to 127 percent – so science wins, 77 to 73 percent!

More on Thursday.

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