A Place at the Place – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 39

Phew, that was close! Our friends escaped just in the nick of time – fortunately, there was a location at their location. They almost overlooked the marker which indicated that, but once they noticed it, they could quickly duck into…well, the place that was at the place they were at. Because there actually was a serene little lake in the midst of the clearing…not in reality, but in the alternate minigame-reality that seems to suffuse many Japanese-style RPGs.

It’s like just taking a short step out of reality into a different, more idyllic one. And the location marker turned up at the perfect moment, too – for the reality our heroes found themselves in before going into the minigame was dire, indeed. Not only the Professorian was about to soil his pants – it’s just that it would have been worst in his case, since his furry undies would have been extremely difficult to clean. (Whoever came up with that fashion idea, anyway.)

Orcs and Trolls had them surrounded on all sides – and since George found such an effective way to economize on the production, we’re talking massive numbers of Orcs and Trolls here. And while a single paper fold-up stands little chance against the might of the Warhammer of Zillyhoo, for example, numbers do count, and our heroes knew they would have been inevitably overwhelmed by the enemies’ numerical superiority. The only kind of superiority Orcs and Trolls are allowed to have.

It seems Snuka had prepared a little speech for hopeless situations like this…or ripped it off from somewhere, but their timely escape into the fishing minigame cuts him short. Another reason why it was a fortunate turn of events, indeed.

More on Thursday.

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