Less Clarity on Dates – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 38

Actually, it’s Thursday. I always knew that that Monday/Thursday shift was going to come back to bite me in the ass sooner or later. =P

Naw, actually it was just a case of simple, pure, good ‘ol bad luck. I didn’t check my calendar before drawing this strip, so there was a 50/50 chance it would end up running on the correct weekday. And the same chance it wouldn’t…in which case I could point it out as a piece of art inspired by reality: a comic strip about bad luck suffering bad luck in the process of publication. It lifts the whole thing onto an entirely different level, don’t you think? …Yeah, me neither.

So, yeah…our friends are trapped in the middle of the unexpected clearing, surrounded by monsters on either side. Half of them Trolls, half Orcs. As I said, clearings are assholes.

Since we’re talking a really substantial number of enemies here, George Geekish gave up on the pewter figurines…there was just no chance he’d be able to paint that number of miniatures, no matter how shoddy a job he did.* Instead he went for the obvious, slightly more sub-optimal alternative: print-out, fold-up figures. It’s a somewhat less convincing effect, but it enabled him to produce the required numbers. And, anyway, the printing, cutting and folding was enough work to do already. >_>

Naturally, our heroes see things differently. They strongly feel George should have simply restricted himself to providing the number of monsters he would have been able to produce as a pewter figurine with an extra-fine, highly detailed paintjob, several layers of washes for added effect and a small scenic base enriched with bits and pieces from George’s garden. That way, they’d only have had to fight half of a single monster.**

Well, no such lack. Because of bad luck, obviously.

More on… Monday. Ironically.

* And that’s saying something, since his ability to maximize shoddiness is quite legendary in the biz.

** Which would have been particularly simple if it had been the lower half.

2 Replies to “Less Clarity on Dates – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 38”

  1. In fairness, the comic was posted on Thursday; still could have been “shot” on a Monday and post production took until Thursday to be completed. When you do all the post production yourself and always keep the 1st take and heavily modify that to save on costs, it can take a while to get right.

    1. Yeah, it could take a while to get it right – but, honestly, when has George ever prioritized getting something done right over getting something done on time? It would be totally out of character for him. XD

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