Above and Beyond the Call of Evil Duty – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 68

And that’s exactly why you keep that important presentation for your job on a different flash-drive than your private pictures from the evening prior. >_> Same goes for flash-backdrives, of course, as DM found out to his detriment today. Dammit, and he was so sure he’d finally be through with being embarrassed in front of that group of people, now that he no longer wears anyone’s genitals on his head.

Fortunately for him, the heroes are too deep in shock to even laugh as this new little gaffe of his…embarrassing as it is, it doesn’t markedly improve the general outlook for the team. Evil is still hugely triumphant at the moment, slight embarrassment notwithstanding. I even had to take some liberties with the gaming-journalists-reacting template, since there wasn’t any pic that showed this sort of reaction – after all, there wasn’t any announcement of a remake of Superman 64, or anything else that might plunge a gaming journalist into the kind of hopeless despair our heroes currently linger in.

You’ve got to hand it to the Shadow Demon, though – he’s definitely been a very busy bee, and done everything he could to be of service to DM and his plan. His threatened destruction a while earlier seems to really have done wonders for his motivation (not that I encourage such methods of personnel management). DM recapitulates his greatest hits, and thus all of the various points at which he helped guiding the two groups of adventurers to their ultimate doom.
As for that last bit…well, now that you know that DM is deeply evil, you can’t really be surprised that he’d abuse the authority he’s been granted over the Shadow Demon, can you? It’s another huge part of evil personnel management – in this case, you could also call it a management perk.

There’s actually a bit of a plot hole here, but more of that the next time. It’s enough if DM is embarrassed today, I don’t necessarily need to join him. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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  1. Well, I was thinking based on the fiddle the Shadow Demon was going down to South Carolina (no one messes with The Devil’s turf in Georgia) looking for a soul to steal. But since it’s definitely not what I’m thinking, I guess that can’t be right. 😛

    1. I’d also guess that you aren’t right, there…but DM might still prefer your interpretation to anything he could come up himself. After all, for denizens of the Dark Side, looking for a soul to steal is quite the legitimate purpose. As for what really happened…not that I know specifics, or really care that much, but I gather that “going down” was definitely involved, but neither Georgia nor South Carolina.

  2. This is really bugging me, because I’m sure that pose with the violin is a reference to something I’ve seen, but I can’t recall to what exactly. My best two guesses right now are something drawn by some Franco-Belgian comic artist, like François Walthéry (who draws Natacha) or by Dany (Daniel Henrotin), both of which are famous for their cartoony yet sexy women…

    1. Ah, no…you’re trying to read more into it than there is. The violin is really just intended as a particularly random object to be there, to poke fun at the typical randomness of such modesty items. I literally picked it at random from the objects-toolbox in my software. ^_^;

      1. Ah, ok. And yet, I swear someone like those guys did have a pin-up along these lines… Which is possible, they did thousands of drawings.

        1. I could well imagine. It is a quite sensually shaped instrument, after all, with the curved body and the long neck with a widened tip. XD

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