Good Job Breaking It, Hero – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 69

*grumble* I guess DM is still a bit off his game, likely due to recent unplanned revelations regarding the nature of certain private research projects of his. >_> But that’s no excuse – he still shouldn’t have plainly admitted that that strange stipulation regarding the magic seal on the forcefield didn’t make any sense to him. Never mind that it doesn’t make any sense – I’d still have expected an professional like him to cover it up with some random babbling about “arcane mysteries”, “the balance of the universe” or “things that aren’t meant to be understood by mere mortals.”

After all, that’s the main attraction of having magic in your plot – the ability to handwave basically just about anything away with a reference to a bigger picture only partly perceptible to the protagonists (and the audience) or some higher sort of logic that escapes the conventional definition. Kinda weak, but oh-so-convenient for plot purposes.
On a better day, DM could have easily explained the heroes-fighting-heroes trigger by making up some ancient legend about fighting deities, and other deities intervening, and everything ending up granting some eternal, special meaning to some combination of otherwise mundane aspects.

Well, but at least he still had enough good grace left to not blame the whole thing on me, but King Harkinian instead. Who seems like a suitable scapegoat, his character forever tarnished by bad animation, suspect voice-acting, and countless unauthorized re-interpretations in YouTube videos. You can easily imagine him coming up with some pretty strange conditions for a magic seal. After you’ve scrubbed all of the floors in Hyrule castle.

Logical or not, the unusual condition placed on the magic seal has served its important purpose: it has made the triumph of evil the heroes’ fault, and has retroactively turned their whole quest (or rather, quests) into an effort helping the spread of darkness, instead of hindering it. DM is rightfully gloaty about that. Without magic, creating such an elegant comeuppance would have required actual literary talent on my part. >_>

And, no, this isn’t the plothole I mentioned last time, I’ve postponed discussion of that until next time.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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