Admitted To The Bar – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 62

Looks quite like somebody on the production end of this mess hasn’t yet given up on the idea of providing as much as fanservice as is humanly possible: we’ve already had a public bathhouse episode and a beach episode, but we’re still getting an onsen episode on top of that, to complete the unholy trinity of fanservice-heavy special episodes.

On top of that, said production-end-person obviously thought they had managed to pull a fast one on everybody with the contractual agreements: agreeing to the wearing of yukata in all scenes must have seemed like a major concession from the production side, and likely gave the actors a false sense of security…but the clause did not specify the length of the yukata! So these extra short ones, while they are a considerable departure from tradition, are perfectly legal. Leading to a valuable lesson: always read the fine print, and on top of that, be wary of anything that leaves any space for interpretation.

Unfortunately, for him and possibly the connoisseurs of fanservice, our clever friend shot himself in the foot here, since the contract failed to specify that underwear had to be worn underneath the yukata. Without underwear, the short yukata easily passed into allowable fanservice territory…but then passed through and somewhat beyond it, summoning the mighty censorship bar in the process. Too bad.

As you can see, I’ve upgraded the censorship bar from a simple black bar to something more elaborate. In a kind of weak effort to make the bar give back a small amount of the fun it’s supposed to spoil, I guess. I’m not trying to endorse any specific brand of candy bar here, by the way – I just picked the Snickers bar as a template because its typography seemed to fit this particular scenario best.

More on Thursday.

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    1. Come to think of it, that one might have worked even better than a Snickers as a censorship bar in this situation…literally replacing nuts with nuts…

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