Possibly Borrowed From Team Rocket – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 61

And here the evil twins spring into action, once more…or rather, slowly drift into action, since they’re using a radically different mode of transport than the last time. Not nearly as high-tech, considerably slower*, but possibly more dignified and even a tiny bit romantic.

Don’t ask me for the reasons for that switch, though. Perhaps they’ve noticed that this segment’s focus character tends to move at a very modest rate of speed, and thus felt they wouldn’t need to hurry, either. Or they just felt they needed a change of pace for themselves. Or perhaps the mysterious Queen took their submarine away as punishment for their lack of success up to now.

Even in that case, however, it seems like that was the only thing she took away from the twins. Heads, entrails or genitals seem not to have been removed**, in some contrast to the level of anxiety shown by the twins a while ago. But then, it would have been to early in the plot to have any such punishment actually take place – this sort of thing must be repeatedly hinted at during a cycle of attacks by the forces of evil, but needs to be delayed beyond the end of the cylce for practical reasons.

And their supply of evil, people-transforming butterflies hasn’t been taken away either…although I doubt that this particular one will return from its mission in any shape to tackle another one. But then, if you mind your weapons having strict lifetime limits, you shouldn’t go with butterflies anyway. Fragility and short lifespans kind of come with their very concept…

More on Monday.

* Well, I guess that would actually depend on the speed of prevailing winds. From a level of Severe Tropical Storm on upward, a hot-air balloon might be faster than a SSN-class submarine – but the passengers would probably have other problems than rejoicing in that achievement…

** Their heads are clearly present, and the presence of their entrails can be concluded from the fact that they don’t seem to be incapacitated in any form. And, well, the genitals…I’d say their continued presence can be safely concluded from the fact that the twins seem to be in a relatively good mood.

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