Rude Awakening – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 60

Thank God for Latho – it might go AWOL for extended periods of plot time, but when it’s present, it definitely does its best to get the story moving.

And in service of that goal, Latho is not even shying away from an all-out physical effort. Admittedly, Latho’s petite size, in connection with its low density*, means that it hasn’t got a lot of choices when it comes to throwing its weight around. With so little weight available, it basically needs to commit its full body to have any sort of impact.

And, married to high speed, that sort of weight does have quite an impact on Gregory, enough to knock him of his chair…which, admittedly, he was already about to slide off from without any outside intervention. And then Latho allies psychological impact to the physical, shaking his face directly in Gregory’s. Plus words! Those have an effect, too – helped along by the annoyingly high pitch of Latho’s voice.**

It’s enough to get Gregory going, if at his own, leisurely pace. Which nicely serves the purpose of illustrating just how relaxed and laid-back Gregory’s current personality actually is. That sort of rude awakening would have shaken most other people, and might have deeply traumatized some…but Gregory seems largely unfazed.

But he’s up and moving…barely. >_>

More on Thursday.

* Relatively speaking. Latho would like to point out that it’s filled with 2.4 lb density, high-quality foam. No cheap stuff, and technically considered medium density. Making it at least twice as hefty as it would have been if it was filled with the cheap stuff! I’d guess Latho easily weighs 3 lbs. >_>

** Don’t tell me you didn’t expect Latho’s voice to sound like that.

3 Replies to “Rude Awakening – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 60”

  1. I would not wish to wake up to Latho’s face. But I would be glad that it wasn’t Latho’s ass.

      1. Yeah, Latho would lack a cat’s natural inclination to wave its butthole at people…come to think of it, Latho would probably lack a butthole, given that plush creature wouldn’t really have a digestive tract. XD

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