(Sweet) Morning After Dreams – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 59

Sorry, Gregory, but you’re on your own now. The narrator did his very best to talk you up, but without any effort at all on your part, that’s just not going to work.* >_>

And, yeah, the geographical setting just keeps getting more unspecific instead of less. What’s specific, though, is the focus character for the upcoming fight…and with that, this obligatory episode has served its purpose in the plot structure.

More on Monday.

* In terms of your reputation, that is, and perhaps in terms of seriously furthering your education. In terms of lining out your assigned character properties, it couldn’t work better. XD

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  1. “This is Phillip. An ordinary man with an ordinary life. Nothing at all could possibly happen to him. So why are we wasting our time here? This is Gregory…”

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