Ad’nana Part II – Chapter 7, Prologue 50

I half feel like pointing out that Si’ri seems to have misunderstood something there…but, you know, given how random plains encounters ca be (we’ve had that before), it can’t hurt if K’ip is watching out for reindeer, so I’ll leave that alone.

And, yeah, Sir Gianfor is an old friend now. That’s how that works in fiction, for some reason: once the fakery is cleared up and dealt with, the fake acquaintanceship retroactively turns into a real friendship…and that not only in cases where the fake friend was mind-controlled in some way, but even in cases where they had been replaced by an imposter, and thus should actually have no memory at all of ‘their’ travels with the heroes. Audiences seem to be surprisingly okay with this, usually…the fact that it’s all the same actor obviously helps with that.

Speaking of imposters, it turns out that Ad’nanapart was exactly that: never an imposing city, it has now been revealed as an imposting city on top of that. Sir Gianfor helpfully provides instructions on how to get to the real city, and of course they turn out easy to follow – in fiction, this sort of directions is only difficult to follow when they’re being provided on-screen, if they’re given off-screen, there’s never a problem.

And real!Ad’nanapart does indeed seem more imposing (and less imposting) than fake!Adnanpart…it does seem to be in a sub-optimal state of repair, as was to be expected, but the left-overs are of the type which reliably indicate former greatness. Only crumbling columns seem to be left, but they’re pretty large, and any one of them probably weighs more than the three ramshackle cottages of fake!Ad’nanapart do combined. Due to the large visual discrepancies between the real city and the fake city, the rule mentioned above does not apply, and real!Ad’nanapart has not retroactively become well-known to Si’ri and K’ip. Too bad, that would have made exploration much easier.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

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