Dispossessed Knight – Chapter 7, Prologue 49

Correcting my statement from Monday, it seems that it was Si’ri who was wrong in assessing the gravity of the situation…and it was K’ip who correctly grasped its…uh…levity.

Obviously he was right in ignoring the spiders’ size and poisonousness. For while their bite may very well be poisonous, they’re not poisonous to consume, and as far as for their size…well, that’s now mostly a challenge for K’ip digestive system. And so not a problem at all, since as an En’ilef, K’ip will only have to nap for a little while in some appropriately sunny spot on the floor, and he’ll be good as new. And don’t believe for a moment he won’t be able to find a sunny spot on the floor, just because he’s in an underground dungeon. He’s an En’ilef…somehow, he could find a sunny spot on the dark side of the moon. ._.

But while she might have been wrong about the gravity* she’s pretty much correct about one other thing: the fantasy equivalent of a boar…is a boar. While a perfectly real-life creature in real life, a boar looks just barely bizarre enough to pass for a fantasy creature even without any modifications. I mean, there might be zombie boars as well…and skeleton boars…aquatic boars…dire boars…winged boars….fire boars…winged zombie dire fire boars…wait, I’m getting carried away. I was trying to say: There might be boars with additional fantasy traits in a fantasy world, but hog-standard, normal boars are also good enough for a random encounter or two.

Now, as far as Sir Gianfor is concerned…This was the dog’s core! A wandering scholar? The fact makes me smile.
Well, actually not a wandering scholar, but more like…a shadow demon? Something like that. Not really a reason to smile, but let’s take a note that Sir Gianfor was obviously not acting on his own free will off lately. In a non-manga comic, this kind of apparition emerging from a body clearly indicates the end of some sort of possession…in a manga, of course, it implies that a character has died, but usually only as a metaphor. XD

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

*which is kinda strange for flying creature, actually.

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