Spidersense Tingling – Chapter 7, Prologue 48

So, today’s episode is the one that arachnophobic readers might want to give a pass. Not that it does much good mentioning that in a commentary posting below the strip, but it didn’t occur to me to mention it in last Thursday’s commentary, when it still might have helped. ^_^;

Speaking of warnings that are coming too late, you have to admire the keeness of K’ip’s senses. His whiskers are so sensitive that they’re reacting to the slight movement of air stemming from getting hopelessly surrounded on all sides by giant, poisounous spiders. I wonder how that trait developed, evolutionary. It seems pretty useless.

Especially since the spiders gave themselves away only moments later, when they started doing their…uh… spider noises. >_> <_< I've never actually heard a spider make any kind of noise (not that I've ever tried listening to one closely), but giant spiders in movies are usually accompanied by some sort of noise...unspecific 'clickety-clackety' noises seem to be popular in that regard, or sometimes just eerie/alien chords. "Itsy-Bitsy Spider" is rarely chosen as musical accompaniment, though, despite its apparent appropriateness - it clashes a bit with the mood that most giant spider scenes in movies are going for. As far as the strip is concerned, I'm leaving the question open. Everyone is free to mentally insert their preferred type of spider noises. Si'ri, naturally, is fully comprehending the gravity of the situation. She's not a butterfly, of course, but being a butterfly-winged, butterfly-sized person still gives her a somehwat butterfly-ish perspective on certain things, like spiders. Butterflys don't like spiders. Spiders, on the other hand, like butterflys, but in a way that butterflys don't really appreciate. Si'ri doesn't like spiders. Do spiders like Si'ri in the way they like butterflys? We might be about to find out, and Si'ri doesn't like that, either. K'ip, however, seems to like spiders...obviously, in the way that cats like spiders. But did he take the spiders' size and poison into proper account. Si'ri is doubtful. She doesn't like K'ip track record on taking things into account. There's a lot in today's strip that Si'ri doesn't like, it seems... More on Mon...uh, Thursday.

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