Amaceing Disgrace – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 48

Okay, so the design I gave Mopey’s shield the last time around definitely wasn’t the original one, but this time I got it right. I think…I mean, it’s definitely familiar in some way, and how many different shield designs would I know, not having the slightest interest in heraldry?

But function is more important than design, anyway, and in this case the shield functions just perfectly, protecting her from the crossfire. Admittedly, footballs don’t have that much penetration power to begin with, but still. Let’s hope the shield will hold up just as well once the party moves beyond these decidedly first-level challenges they’re currently confronted with.

And another one of DM’s magical weapons proves its worth today: the Paladin’s magical mace. Since DM tries to go with the times, it’s not the old-fashioned, bludgeoning kind of mace, but the new-fangled, chemical one. And it terms of enchantment, I thought it made most sense to give the mace increased range, because giving it increased damage would kinda remove the whole point of having a non-lethal weapon. And the team needs at least one ranged weapon, anyway, for situations just like this one. An alternative would have been an axe…since, in its modern-day iteration, Axe is kinda similar to Mace: caustic stuff in a spray-can. But a mace suits a paladin much better, anyway.

Hah, but the joke’s on Mopey, concerning that remark on Biff’s old cologne. The truth is, Biff didn’t even use cologne! In fact, that might have been part of the problem…

Takeshi’s guards continue to score a perfect no-hitter, but, in their defense, they’re really not equipped and briefed to deal with opponents who are armed*…and have no compunctions to use that advantage to the fullest against unarmed targets. It’s definitely not a game, anymore! Which is kinda unfair, since that’s what the guards were hired for, but what can you do? Somehow DM needs to get the party a bunch of experience points with very limited risks involved, or they might never find their footing around here.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* with nerfed weapons, but still…

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