Rainbow Six: Siege – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 49

And another one of DM’s magic weapons gets its showcase, this time it’s the magic hat’s turn.

Unlike the magic hat from the old D&D cartoon, which was a brimless pointy wizard’s hat, this one’s a classic magician’s top hat. Mostly because Gregory already wore a top hat in his last incarnation, so his preference for that style is canon. XD

While the original was nerfed with unpredictability (making it the mother of all plot-convenience devices), Gregory’s hat works like a charm here. And the charm it produced is actually the intended charm – but, unfortunately, nobody in the party realizes it. Due to their unfamiliarity with fantasy fiction (or the works of Richard Wagner), they’re stuck on the idea that a rainbow is just an optical effect that you can’t walk on. They’re entirely unaware that a rainbow is also a fantasy world’s equivalent to our world’s Mabey Logistic Support Bridge, and that they just passed up the opportunity to walk over the rainbow straight into Lord Takeshi’s living room. With proper musical accompaniment, even! Oh, well…they’ll adapt to their new surroundings, eventually.

Anyway, Gregory better write that successful spell down…as a reference for future experiments, and…you never know, perhaps they’ll run into a situation where they have to set up an impromptu gay pride parade, after all. It’s a fantasy world, so anything might happen.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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