And Another Gratuitous Dig at the Arizona State Fair… – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 28

Poor Latho…I think it should really try and get used to the idea that its new friends are just really, really bad at listening to it. And that there’s no need to feel offended by that, because they’re bad at listening to anybody, not just Latho.

And they’ve got a good reason for it, too! For it’s an undeniable fact that B-movie plots move faster if the protagonists don’t listen to advice. That’s not to say that that makes them move into the right direction, but it makes them move faster towards whatever it is they’re moving toward…which will usually be a disaster, at first, and later a conclusion. Most often a happy end, but not always – but the happy end is certainly the thing Mopey and company are hoping to hurry the plot toward with their lack of attention to whatever Latho is saying.

Aside from that, Mopey uses the opportunity to counter Latho’s candy-colored sugariness by being a bit salty. These attacks on the Arizona State Fair are completely uncalled for, especially in cases where it wasn’t taking place in Arizona, or not even taking place at all. And even when it is taking place in Arizona, what’s wrong with a deep-fried, Oreo-stuffed, honey-glazed turkey-on-a-stick? As long as it’s the only thing you eat that week, you won’t even put on weight from that…

And, anyway, future development will make it obvious that this guy’s problem wasn’t overeating to begin with. That would be too simple and obvious, and lack a certain amount of flair.

More on Thursday.

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  1. You should see the females of South Carolina. They make the males look svelte.

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