Zoids, Truncated Again! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 27

As promised, the rest of the team have followed Mopey into full, well-rested wakefulness in the meantime, and are capable and willing to listen to Latho’s introductory statements, 2nd attempt.

And Latho is so happy about that that it’s broken its newly-established nicotine habit again before it could do any major damage to its sweet, pink lungs. Or it might be a squeedly spooch, in its case…or perhaps just polyester fiber fill? Really hard to tell. But whatever it is, it’s not getting damaged any longer.

One can only hope, though, that that abstinence lasts longer than Latho’s remarks – for those, alongside its happiness, are cut short rather quickly and drastically. Poor Latho…it thought it would get to deliver a decent-sized piece of much-needed exposition, and then it turned out that it rather was one of those bits in a plot were introductory statements are delivered only to set up a frame for a shocking interruption. Some days, you just can’t win. Still, one further bit of information was delivered: the creature has revealed its name, Latho.

The other info wasn’t new, but notice the contradiction: During the first delivery, Latho said he was traveling a ludicrous speed, now it says it was only ridiculous speed. What’s the reason for that contradiction? Does this reveal some agenda on Latho’s part, hidden behind a made-up story it can’t quite keep straight? Does it reveal limits to Latho’s level of technical understanding of space travel, or perhaps just failing powers of recall? Did Latho realize, belatedly, that it might get a ticket from Galactic Police for traveling at ludicrous speed, and so changed its story to appear more law-abiding? Or was it just me messing up things when I wrote the dialogue for these two separate strips? Only time will tell…

…but, yeah, that last one. Sorry. ^_^;

More on Monday.

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