Angelic Owl And Arrows – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 122

Well, this is the drill you should be familiar with, by this point in time: once Mopey gets to level-up, the others follow her one by one. Since the pattern is so well-established by now, I’m shortening it down as much as possible – you get to see the transformation sequence, then Biff in his newest and most powerful form, followed by some generic dishing-out of justice from above against obviously evil-looking entities.

It’s hard to communicate it precisely, but the intent of the visuals would be to indicate that the pwnage inflicted is relatively higher than that inflicted by earlier versions of Biff. But you could probably have guessed that without any visual, by now.

As for the particular nature of Biff’s newest form…well, Latho has said pretty much everything I could and would have said about it. Sometimes it’s quite spooky how similar in thought fictional characters can be to their creators. ._.
The visual aid in the background of the final panel is a Ancient Greek coin from Athens…I mean, really, what else could I have picked to visualize the concept of an owl, especially when their associated batch-values are the subject of discussion? You’ve got to venerate the classics.

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “Angelic Owl And Arrows – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 122”

    1. XD Interesting…the only “Blue Falcon” I had heard of before was the one who used to hang out with Dynomutt. But the less said about that one, the better. Which actually goes for Dynomutt in general.

      Funnily, Biff’s new personality, as from the start of this chapter, might actually involve some such buddy f***ing tendencies as part of the straight-laced, by-the-books deal. XD

  1. The sparkler effect makes it look like Biff has internalized (and weaponized) his natural tendency to set off fireworks.

    1. That’s actually a good explanation! It was high time for Biff to find some sort of modus vivendi with that tendency, given how many years it’s been already…and Biff wasn’t looking forward to having to find some sort of justification for the glitter thing, anyway. XD

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