Angelic uh… Cheese Wheel? – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 123

This introduction of Snuka’s third and final form is further simplified from the example set by Biff’s new form – Thoreau would approve.*

And I think that’s appropriate not only because of the repetitiveness, but also because Snuka’s new form isn’t actually all that new. With the fate of any Wizardmon-based form fixed from the outset, Snuka’s ultimate upgrade needed to involve an element of resurrection, and there is clear precedent for that. It’s not like this is Snuka’s first circuit around the circle of life, after all. So Snuka returns from the Netherlands of the Force once more!

Which also means I can dispense with the transformation sequence. Jedi don’t do all of that fancy transformation stuff when they return from the Beyond…the kind of only flicker back into ephemeral existence at a suitable moment. We can just assume that Snuka did that off-screen to the confusion of everyone around him, and himself, as well, since he wasn’t actually all that dead…or did he only not appear dead? Going through several circles of reincarnation raises all kinds of confusing existential questions. Fortunately, the plot can simply ignore them.

The main take-away is something else, anyway: Snuka’s butt-kicking ability has also been suitably heightened by his newest upgrade, as evidenced by the speed with which he dispatches the generic monsters – despite having only one hand free, the other being required to hold on to the cheese wheel that he brought back from the Netherlands of the Force. You can’t go to the Netherlands without bringing back a cheese wheel, that’s a rule. ._.

Latho was actually never shown to inform Snuka of the poor survival outlook coming with the Wizardmon-transformation, only considering it. So Latho either did that off-screen, or it’s manipulating its own memories here. Again. >_>

More on Monday.

* Well, probably not really. The man might have championed simplicity, but that doesn’t mean he’d automatically embrace all kinds of weird shit just because it’s simple. XD

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  1. ** On the other hand, all upgrades are initially weird shit. We just get used to them over time. For instance, go back to 1960 and say you can fit a sheet of paper thru a copper wire and they’ll call you mad. But today, faxes are a dying technology because we’re beyond that point already. XD

    1. Yeah, but Fax was at least a clear step forward from Telex…while I don’t really know whether being a cross-dressing Dutch undead space wizard is a clear step into any direction, let alone forward. XD

  2. I think we can ALL agree Snuka has been dead on the inside for years. So if you think about it, this is just existentially pulling Snuka inside-out which, I think we can ALL agree, is the kind of horrible thing Snuka would have to endure for a power-up given his luck.

    1. I don’t think it’s exactly in-universe Snuka, who his dead inside, but Lee, his actor. But close enough.

    2. At this point, I guess Snuka would be okay with getting pulled inside-out for an upgrade…since it’s the kind of thing that keeps happening to him even without an upgrade as a trade-off. And compared to getting hit in the balls with gouda for a century… (I wonder whether the cheese wheel he’s carrying is giving him flashbacks of that…)

  3. So Snuka evolved from imp/wizard’s familiar to cyberspace wizard and then undead space wizard.
    At least can revive this time by transforming back.

    1. Yeah, and the form is already familiar to him…given everything that’s happened, this is actually probably one of the less weird forms he could have ended up in. XD

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