Well, Angelic Chainsaw, Apparently – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 124

There is very little I could say regarding the introduction of Gregory’s third and final form that I haven’t already said concerning Snuka’s third form.

The differences are mostly superficial – since Gregory didn’t have to return from the Netherlands of the Force, he doesn’t have to lug a cheese wheel around, enabling him to wield his chainsaw two-handedly. Which further enables him to dispatch the generic monsters as quickly and effectively as Snuka, despite not having a ranged weapon.

As with Snuka, I have foregone showing the transformation sequence. While Gregory is no Jedi, the transformation from a living being into a rotting corpse…is both slow as well as unappetizing, so I felt it would fall somewhat outside of what’s acceptable in the magical-girls-genre. There’s a limit to what you can do by adding flowery or lacey FX to a picture, even in this genre. >_>

Latho has also noted the strong parallels between Snuka’s and Gregory’s cases, and has assumed the shape of the appropriate Pokémon to deliver those remarks. It doesn’t speak highly about Latho’s usual shape that assuming the shape of a Ditto is an almost subtle change for it.

More on Thursday.

4 Replies to “Well, Angelic Chainsaw, Apparently – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 124”

  1. It’s already proven through anime, that zombies can be magical girls with chainsaws. The other one just has more flowers and lace. That kind of fashion just wouldn’t fit Gregory, both zombiefied and nonzombie state, although it would help to cover his (misssing) midsection.
    Good thing he is using the chainsaw, or the demon apocalypse might be followed by another zombie apocalypse.

    1. Yeah, I agree – frills and lace just wouldn’t work for Gregory. And what’s more, Gregory wearing that sort of outfit would make Snuka’s Dutch dress less humiliating by comparison – and the universe simply doesn’t allow any reduction in Snuka’s level of humiliation.

      And that’s also true: an apocalypse of zombified butterfly-created demonic ex-humans would just be messy, and very hard to describe in a catchy way for a movie poster claim. XD

  2. If Lollipop Chainsaw has taught me anything it’s that you can make any grim and visceral genre magical girl anime by replacing all the blood and gore with sparkles and rainbows.

    1. Which just goes to show that you should never underestimate the educational aspect of video games. Few people would have considered Lollipop Chainsaw as edutainment, but it actually taught you something! =D (Even if the specific lesson isn’t that universally applicable, admittedly…)

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