(antagonistical chirping) – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 53

Ah, dammit – forgot to adapt the encounters to the slight change in setting. >_>

Fortunately, I can fix that on the fly. Any domain has their own type of rats, after all, they’re just ubiquitous that way. There’s the rat of the skies, the rat of the seas…and, well, the rat of the trees, as well. Tree rats aren’t generally held to the same standard of revulsion as other types of rat, but that’s merely a matter of personal choice, if you ask me. =P

And these are just rodents of usual size, after all, not giant rats/squirrels, so the outcome of the encounter is in little doubt, given the high levels the party has reached by now. The question is only, will they dispatch their little enemies quickly, or will they dispatch their little enemies very quickly?

Only time will tell. More specifically, it will tell on Thursday.

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    1. Not strictly speaking, but they’re pretty closely related, both belonging to the order Rodentia. And they are pretty similar in appearance and behavior as well, which makes it so odd that many people are disgusted by rats but find squirrels adorable – that’s why I made that joke.

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