Hollow World – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 52

That’s the spirit, Snuka! Don’t complain about the utter incoherence in your surroundings, but accept them as something that is magical and beautiful in its own right.

You’re better off, anyway. Sewers haven’t much of a reputation as a desirable holiday location, of course – but the actual hollows of a giant tree would have been just as smelly, wet and slimy, without the benefits of dry walkways to either side of the gunk. Sure, it would have been nicer if I had a palace-style dungeon left over, instead of a sewer-style one, but you can’t have everything – and it would have been a lot more difficult to explain away. That thing about petrified woods and a tree’s circulation system (?) actually half makes sense! Well, perhaps not half – but it makes about, uh, 5% sense? In a fantasy setting, that counts for about half, anyway.

The take-away from today’s strip is this, anyway: the party has entered the hollows of the Father Tree and is pressing on towards their ultimate goal…with their minds open for the magical wonder of me not wanting to waste an somewhat elaborate sewer model, or wanting to make an even more elaborate wood-hollows model instead. =P

More on Monday.

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