Applied Gravity. – Chapter 2, Strip 83

Now that the going gets though, the though are supposed to get going – but they send Biff, instead.

Admittedly, Snuka’s not quite at the height of his usual toughness, anyway. Apparently, excessive exposure to ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ has wussified him – after all, a former teenage mummy isn’t supposed to faint dead away at the sight of something as mundane as a kid without a midsection, drinking brains from a disembodied head. Just another proof for the dangers of messing with peoples’ minds – but I fear that’s something the Professor will never learn.

And Mopey also seems uncharacteristically softhearted today – she would really have caught Snuka, if he hadn’t been invisible. And if it hadn’t taken any effort.

At least the Professor is on top of his act, and finds a way to quickly and efficiently deal with the matter, albeit causing a bit of collateral damage in the process. It’s just Biff, though, and the Prof. has experimented on monkeys that were more intelligent – so he probably feels it’s a quite acceptable sacrifice. And he really loves those tricks were a small cause has a big effect, that’s what really drew him to being a scientist – a comic scientist, that is, for those things never work in real life. One odd thing, however, is how many old people are nostalgic about snowball fights – after all, since they had to march 30 miles through neck-deep snow to school very day, I’d have expected them to be pretty fed up with the stuff when school was over.

Biff’s battlecry seems a bit odd at first, but there’s a logical explanation: It’s the name of the company that runs the resthome where Biff’s grandpa is – but he thinks the resthome is named for the famous Native American chieftain. Note, however, that Biff isn’t dimwitted in every regard – he immediately realizes that something is odd about the invisible person he’s struggling with. For if there’s one thing a football player knows, it’s how another male body pressed against his own should feel like. What a quaint sport.

In other news, there’s a new voting incentive: my little prediction how an upcoming Disney product will turn out. On Thursday, George Geekish will explain how today’s episode was created – for of course you don’t think they rolled a giant snowball onto a real person, do you?

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