Artist Existence Failure – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 49

We apologize for the technical difficulties, but trying to visualize what kind of facial expression Mopey would wear in response to Latho’s statements has induced a fatal heart-attack in our artist.

He is already on the road to re…animation, however, and thanks to our advanced capabilities on that sector should feel only slightly more undead than before after the procedure (he was having a tough time, anyway). Services should thus resume as scheduled on Monday.

The Necroman…agement.

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  1. I honestly expected Mopey to just use the power of hate. It’s basically the same as the power of love but black; lots of black. Black hearts, black attire, black backgrounds, etc..
    Sure it’s technically the opposite of the power of love; but if all you’re going to do is obliterate your enemy with it anyway, the end result is the same. Having typed that, I kinda question the power of “love.” The good guys never seem to feel bad about obliterating/brainwashing their opponent. Seems more like the power of plot convenience; which granted, IS a great power to have! But the “love” part seems to be more propaganda to glorify/justify the designated hero than an accurate descriptor of what kind of power is being used.

    1. Yeah, I guess the difference between love and hate is limited to external appearance in this regard – especially on shows were villains can’t die or get seriously injured. As long as they can only get clobbered at worst, it might be pretty much a wash – in fact, getting Ma-Ti’s heart to your face might hurt worse than not being hit by GI-Joe’s bullets…

      But that the difference lies only in the external appearance doesn’t mean it’s not important – after all, this is a visual medium we’re talking about. Pink is distinct from black, and while it may not make the object that hits you in the face feel any different, it will still look quite different to the audience. Latho, being an old pro, knows the value of that sort of thing. XD

  2. There are different ways to use the power of love. For example, if we remember “8-bit Theater,” Black Mage’s Hadouken is powered by love. Literally: each time he fires it, some amount of love in the universe is consumed. Making total amount of love decreased. Black Mage is still embarrassed by the fact that he use the power of love, even if the way he uses it suits his desires.

    1. Oh, Mopey would definitely be quite enthusiastic about that sort of deal/work-around, but I don’t think that Latho would approve of it. Latho is kind of serious about the traditions and standards of the magical-girl-genre, and actually quite conservative in that regard. Of course, Latho can be quite pragmatic if it needs to, so if Mopey manages to hold out long enough… XD

  3. Does anyone here besides me keep hearing that damn Huey Lewis and the News song every time they read this?

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