Less Than Three! Less Than Three! Less Than Three! – Chapter 8, Act 1, Strip 48

Contrary to first appearances, Mopey is not quite willing to give up her new-found power of ‘heart’ as a lost cause.

She well remembers how disappointed she was when she was given that power for the first time…as had been other recipients of the same or similar powers before her. And the doubts she harbors about the value and effectiveness of that power have not diminished at all – but her attitude has visibly changed. She has learned, in the meantime, some lessons about playing with the hand you’ve been dealt.

You might not like the cards you’ve been dealt, especially if the queen of hearts involved is yourself, and unwillingly so – but that doesn’t need to mean they have no purpose. One thing that experience has taught her is that nearly any object can be made effective in some way through persistence in using it – particularly if you use it to persistently hit your opponent, ideally over the head. >_> It’s not an elegant theory of alternative usage, but it’s universal!

And her method seems to be working out! Well, at least it does improve the situation…at least somewhat. She hasn’t won…and perhaps isn’t really winning, even, but she’s managed to wipe that smug expression from her opponents face, and that’s definitely a balm to her. Now if she only wouldn’t have that nagging feeling she’s missing some important aspect of the situation…

More on Thursday.

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