Avoiding Bath-Time – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 46

And the second obstacle is overcome nearly as easily as the first, and even without further insult or injury to the Professorian. The approach with the rod wouldn’t have been allowable in the original show’s skipping stones game, of course, but in a fantasy/adventure setting it’s very hard to object to. Especially since rods for probing the ground ahead for traps are a classic part of an adventuring party’s basic equipment.

Biff finally gets to do something thievish, in line with her new character class – she passes a “spot trap” check! She’s as surprised at that as anybody else, I bet, given the old Biff’s reputation for obliviousness.

Snuka is also jealous in addition to being surprised. It’s true that, in his earlier life, there was the occasional hour he spent day-dreaming about being an upstanding citizen. Even back then he would have never admitted that, of course, and right now it looks like he is increasingly finding paladinhood to be burdensome. Which is kinda okay, of course, since that’s supposed to be part of the deal, and he doesn’t have to like it. Bearing of burdens looks good on a paladin.

Meanwhile, inside the castle*, the Lord Takeshi and his advisor discuss the assignment of blame for the failure of the first two obstacles. Not that there’s much to discuss, there, since taking the blame is pretty much half of the raison d’être for this type of advisor. He discharges the task with professional efficiency.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

*Actually in a studio in Tokyo, since the castle is just a flimsy…

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