Viribus Unitis – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 45

So here the party encounters the first obstacle on their way toward Takeshi’s castle.

As the inaugural one, it’s naturally relatively harmless, and the team quickly overcomes it thanks to some sterling teamwork. Teams, as everyone knows, work better if all members work jointly against one specific member. It’s a sad truth, but it’s the truth nevertheless.

The Professorian is an obvious target for this sort of thing right now, I’m afraid. It’s just his…how to put this?…sudden reduction in stature, I guess. He used to be this towering academic figure, shrouded in age and wisdom…and now he’s haut comme trois pommes. Naturally, that causes his former prey to turn predator. Mopey seems to particularly enjoy looking down on him in panel three.

He will have his revenge, though! And he announces it straight away…but, with future academic concerns very far from everyone’s mind right now, it doesn’t carry too much of a sting.

Uni/Twili, of course, is only an innocent bystander, but couldn’t avoid getting caught up in the whole mess – mostly because she just literally couldn’t voice her objections. She clearly said “neigh” when they asked her, but in her case you can interpret that this way or that. >_>

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

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