The Truth Will Set You Free – Chapter 7, Act 2, Strip 44

Well, how could an attempt to assault Takeshi’s Castle start any other way than with a rousing speech by General Hayato Tani? He might not have been a great strategist…or even tactician*…or even ever made much of an attempt at providing planning and direction, but he sure knew how to give those rousing speeches. Really, Aragon before the Black Gates has nothing on the guy!

Of course I’m concluding all of that from the reaction his audience showed to his speeches. I have no idea what he actually said, the only word I understood was “Ike!” (“Go!”). But his tone and demeanor strongly reminded me of Gintoki in Episode 11 of Gintama, as did the effect on the audience – so I simply used the text of that speech here.

Anyway, our heroes are now properly introduced to the task ahead and highly motivated to go out and conquer! The assault on Takeshi’s Castle can begin!

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

* I’m not sure what the intermediary position would be called. Operationalist? Would sound logical, but I’ve never heard it.

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