Back in Action – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 14

And, as intimidated before, here we have the last – and best – of the happy endings.

I was wavering for a long time on how to frame this, and when, and what to write in the comment on it. Ultimately, I came to the conclusion to frame it like this, and place it here, at the end of the chapter…and not to make any additional comments at all on it, for the time being. =P

More on Monday.

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  1. I looked back into the ride pages and yes, we actually never see him getting on the ride. His last appearance is “The Splitting of the Ways – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 98” as far as I can tell. Although you have to wonder why the rest of the crew missed that he didn’t get on. But on the other hand, I guess we cannot be suprised looking at how often they forgot Snuka (and he took care it won’t happen to him this time).
    Well, assuming that the time in Fantasy World and Real World runs differently, as it usually does, the Professor can probably have a lot of adventures and age enough to make going back home to tormen- eh teaching students look attractive again before the start of the next movie.

    1. To bang my own drum for a moment, since the opportunities for that are too rare to pass up: I actually chose the title for that strip with that in mind – that it would obviously apply to K’ip and Si’ri, but that it would also apply to the Professor with the benefit of hindsight. For my standards, that’s a very subtle and literary touch. I don’t manage to think of something like that at that often. XD

  2. All I have to say is:

    Professorian/Barbessor is a gift to the English language. I shall cherish it.

  3. I’m still waiting for a new gay female black main character to replace Professor in a new arc. Let’s see how close my hunch is.

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