Light and Shadow – Chapter 7, Epilogue, Strip 13

And for the one-but-last happy end in this epilogue (saving the best for last, of course), here’s the Shadow Demon again – and enjoying being there, for once.

With the heavy hitters already accounted for, I felt it couldn’t hurt to let at least one of the evil-doers from the second rank escape the carnage. And the Shadow Demon has gone through so many hardships in the service of his cause, wrong as that cause might be, he’s kinda earned a little bit of relief and relaxation. There was all that wasted work he did while being camouflaged as Sir Gianfor, for which he only got threats instead of appreciation. Then all that work it took to shepherd the confused and headstrong* heroes into the direction they needed to be going.

He did, admittedly, get credit and a bit of praise for that work from DM – but that doesn’t go very far to make up for everything else he had to do for DM on the side. Unspeakable acts. Believe me. You. don’t. want. to. know. >_> It makes me shudder to think about it, despite not even having written out that bit of useless background information. It makes me shudder just to think about what I would have come up with for that situation, if I had bothered to define it. Trust me on that, I know how low I can think. XD

Anyway, despite being a soldier in the army of darkness, the Shadow Demon has earned his spot in the sunlight…and that choice also made this strip pretty quick and easy to draw, since the Shadow Demon isn’t very visible in the bright sunlight. But, again believe me, he’s there in all of the panels, and doing interesting and recreational things. >_>

Tune in on Thursday for the last (and best) of the happy endings.

*Confused and headstrong being a particularly bad combination in that regard – you don’t know where you’re going, but you’re not letting anybody stop you, either.

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