Bad Luck Kitty – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 40

See? The flashbacks already over, and it didn’t hurt at all. Or not too much, at least. Or, well. Depends. But, anyway, it’s over and the story continues!

And it continues apace, since our friends run into a boss fight immediately. Given the popularity of cat-people an anthropomorphic cats in popular fiction, there was actually a huge choice of characters I could have used as a ‘boss’ for the cat-people. I decided to go with one of the newer choices. Plus, Cat Noir is pretty similar to the rest of the cat-people in terms of fashion. And plus plus, he’s actually quite terrifying with his ability to destroy everything in his path by touching…although there are some drawbacks to that super-power, in practical application. >_>

He’s definitely a fitting boss for the cat-people, but more along the lines of a “boss from hell”. Removing one of the walls of a castle completely seems like a major break-through for a siege operation, but since Cat didn’t even shout “TIMBER!!!”, or anything, I’m afraid he likely just caused up to a quarter of his forces to be maimed under debris. As we speak, the shaken survivors might be deep in discussion about whether “loss-averse” is, or isn’t, an amiable quality in a leader. >_>

And, yeah, the fortress as a whole is in increasingly poor shape. I hope King Harkinian, or whoever owns it today, has taken out some insurance. It’s one of those ancient fortresses they built before indentured servitude for stonemasons was abolished, so it would cost a pretty penny (or gorgeous groat) to rebuild in these more enlightened dark ages.

More on Thurs…uh, Monday.

2 Replies to “Bad Luck Kitty – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 40”

  1. Don’t worry, if RPGs have taught me anything it’s that no amount of structural damage, even to the point that nothing is physically holding up a structure, will actually collapse the structure UNTIL it becomes narratively important that it collapses.

    1. True, dat. And it’s quite easy to time these things, in terms of movie production…since B-movie sets tend to lack proper structural integrity from the get go, they rely on the constant addition of more gaffer tape to remain standing. Once the patch-up process is halted, total collapse will reliably occur withing hours, if not minutes. XD

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