Bad Pun Kitty – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 41

And thus the nemesis of all cats everywhere in ever, the dreaded RED DOT, claims another victim. Cats do lose a great deal of their normal situational/spacial awareness in its presence, and naturally that’s particularly problematic if the room in question is missing one of its outer walls. >_>

And since Cat was responsible for that latter issue himself, you could say the cat was hoisted by his own pet-ard.

Had it not been for Gregory’s quick thinking and intimate familiarity with feline behaviour patterns (doubtlessly acquired from watching cat-videos on the internet, which is thus proven to be a worthwhile and useful activity, after all), Cat Noir could have proven a fearsome opponent, indeed. As the Professor pointed out, he’s fast and agile…and, as is clearly on display, the high volume and low quality of his cat-puns would have been bound to erode our friends’ sanity quickly and irredeemably. And accompanied with much pain and groaning, to boot.

There’s also the martial arts stuff and the cataclysm power, but that kinda pales in comparison to the devastating effect of the bad cat puns.

And, yeah, monochromatic ray is a cantrip that is a refinement of the better-known chromatic ray spell. You could call it a more powerful version, since it affects cats…while the original version only affects dragons, which aren’t nearly as dangerous. >_>

In other news, I’ve still got trouble keeping the design on Mopey’s shield consistent…something tells me this one isn’t the right one, either.

More on Mon…uh, Thursday.

2 Replies to “Bad Pun Kitty – Chapter 7, Act 3, Strip 41”

  1. But what about a cat dragon: A being incorporating the laziness and armorless fur of a cat with the clumsy bulkiness and size of a dragon?

    1. Well, if you have to mix those two types, I’d say the other way round gives you a better result: a scaly, fire-breathing lizard the size of a cat, and with the same kind of personality. The big advantage being, obviously, that it would ‘gift’ you roasted dead mice. XD

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