Because This Is Fiction, Love Wins Over Money – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 66

Yeah, from the right perspective it’s a pretty obvious solution – but that’s from the outside looking in. From the inside it can’t have been that obvious, so the team may be readily excused for not thinking of it earlier. The key lies in the realization that on-screen nudity is controversial and thus something to feel embarrassed about, but off-screen nudity isn’t…and then you only have to accept the idea that you exist only as a fictional character to arrive at the simple solution of just interrupting the feed.

Now they can frolic around in their birthday suits to their hearts’ content in a big, happy, co-ed group without any worries…apart from the disturbing feelings of transcendence and futility that must come with the realization of one’s own status as fiction. ._. I didn’t even intend this strip to be so goddamn existential, I just realized that now that I’m writing the comment. ._.

Anyway, the flashback…really just a technicality, at this point, but: the team won and defeated the monster. Which promptly turned back into the innocent passerby which served as the basis for the monstrous transformation – and is now completely cleansed not only of any kind of monstrous nature, but all greed and desire for filthy lucre, as well. Which we shall consider a happy ending for him, even if it could also raise a lot of inconvenient questions about his future well-being living in a capitalist society. I think I’m thinking too much today. I need a drink. >_>

More on Thursday.

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