Black In Black, Love Wins Over Money – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 67

Ah, there’s the rub! So there is a drawback to putting a towel over the camera: black shadows don’t really stick out much against a black background. Which is just too bad, in this case, since the revelation about those mysterious shadows* could have given our friends some extremely crucial and valuable information, which could have made their journey much easier. But what can you do? A visual reveal that isn’t visible just doesn’t reveal a whole lot. >_> Not my fault. *cough*Iftheyhadagreedtoareasonableleveloffanservicefromthegetgothiswouldnothavehappened*cough*

So what remains as a lesson in today’s episode? Well, for example: having a stock or crypto portfolio hurts. A lot. Apparently, as much as being hit by a 500+ kg surface-to-surface missile at 537+ mph. Knowing speed and mass, we can calculate the energy involved and conclude that that would hurt…a lot, as already stated. Of course, we have to consider the buffering effect provided by the butterfly at the tip…so that would bring the level of pain down to…a lot. So, if you feel like you absolutely have to have a stock portfolio, at least buy some shares of Boeing Defense – that way, you at least participate in the profits made with those missiles. It’s called hedging.

On a side note: looking at panel three again, I realize that, at that point in time, the guy might have gotten the impression he was in the process of turning into Mickey Mouse. Not sure if that would have been worse or better for him. ._.

More on Monday.

* Whoever might those two mysterious humanoids be?

2 Replies to “Black In Black, Love Wins Over Money – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 67”

  1. The Mickey Mouse gloves can mean only one thing… he, too, has been absorbed into The Evil Empire.

    1. I don’t think that that could have been the case – after all, he had lots of disposable cash afterward. Had he fallen into the clutches of the House of Mouse, that surely wouldn’t have been the case anymore. They hate money that isn’t in their accounts. XD

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