Rook-ie Of The Year – Chapter 8, Act 2, Strip 68

Well, as long as the ultimate result is positive, I guess you can accept a certain amount of trial-and-error in the development process.

And I dare say, they really seem to have found the optimum solution now – combining untrammeled communications with above-average privacy protection. All it took was a bit of back-tracking: rather than rejecting the medieval-wall-approach outright, as they did originally, they revisited it and just altered it by applying it on a somewhat more human-centered scale (with the human literally centered in the application) – and immediately all of the original problems became manageable.

Mopey is still a bit unhappy with the design, admittedly – but that is, I’d have to say, a bit inconsistent on her part: normally she likes gothic design, and that tower is about as gothic as they get. And her remark about cute yukata set her up for a withering response by Gregory, given his recent experiences with yukata designs…fortunately, he was either out of hearing, or just still too traumatized by these experiences to revisit them. Too bad, since that input could have provided valuable perspective to Mopey: in her stylish, gothic-to-the-max private tower, she could wear the skimpiest of yukata without having to worry about her modesty. Nobody could even tell! So she could really show a bit more gratitude here…

Anyway, the important thing is this new solution make the towel draped over the camera unnecessary and restores light and visibility to the scene…unfortunately, it’s already too late. ._. With hindsight, it may have been better to forego the elaborate, almost artisanal construction of an authentic gothic tower, and just quickly pour concrete into a functionally similar shape…then they might have been finished in time to squeeze in the crucial reveal ahead of the inevitable arrival of the next monstrous threat. But they could hardly have known just how much time they didn’t have…and it sure is a very pretty tower…

More on Thursday.

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