Beim Bund geht es rund – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 8

As you would perhaps expect, the Professor is pretty old-fashioned when it comes to space-travel. He doesn’t think very highly of those new-fangled, Japanese methods that Dr. Kobras was using on Busty. He trusts stuff that has a track-record, like the centrifuge. They used that on all the prospective astronauts in the olden days. And most of the missions were successful. So there’s definitely a connection. Or, well, probably. Likely. Possibly. Anyway, it can’t be ruled out that there’s a connection, and never change a winning team, and don’t switch horses in the middle of the road. Race. Whatever, into the centrifuge they go – it’s just too much fun to watch to skip that step. Well, it’s fun for the Professor, at least, who watches from outside.

No, the Professor doesn’t have to undergo the centrifuge test himself. He gets a special exemption to all such flight-readiness tests, because his pilot’s license is signed by both Orville and Wilbur Wright. You can’t beat that sort of certificate.

I would take that whole sequence to mean that the Professor managed to strike a deal with Stan…he does enjoy using the centrifuge, but he’d probably not use it just for fun. He’s got principles.

More on Thursday.

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