Sidekick to the rescue – Chap. 4, Act 2, Strip 7

It’s a good thing Snuka checked his pockets at that particular point in time…otherwise, he might have never found Emperor Akuns’ Sidekick, which he originally found* way back in chapter 2, long before he actually started wearing that kind of zoot suit. And he even points out the plot convenience of that circumstance himself…

…but it’s a lie. It’s actually no coincidence that he had the Sidekick in his pocket, because he carries it around everywhere. He’s simply addicted to those shirtless pics of General Klytoris. It’s an obsession, he looks at them at least once per hour. He had just turned around to have another covert peek at them when he suddenly realized he could also check out the phone book on that thing.

And, as far as shameless lies are concerned: I actually planned this thing with the Sidekick way back when I introduced it in chapter 2. It’s all perfectly laid out and interconnected, you see.

The Dean, in the meantime, is his usual classy self. He’s really put a piece of himself into that reply to the Professor’s preposterous request, not everyone would have done that.

$ 10 billion would actually be a surprisingly low price tag for a flight to Uranus, but of course it’s still way beyond the means of Lillytown University…but with Stan involved, things are looking up. As he states again and again (and again and again again), he has spaceships for any budget…and since the University does save money whenever the Professor and his wrecking crew are absent for a while, some kind of budget should be available.

*For once, he really found something, not just “found” it.

Happy Thanksgiving, to whom it may concern, and more on Monday.

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