Bogeys at 6 o’clock – Chapter 7, Act 4, Strip 58

Over the course of his travels and many adventures, K’ip has indeed honed his taunting game to a cutting edge – helped, presumably, by a cat’s natural aptitude for being condescending and judgemental. He picked up some particularly valuable pointers on that one side quest in a place called Monkey Island, which happened off-screen between two acts. >_>

Usually, he’s able to taunt just about any opponent into a seething, unthinking rage with just one well-aimed turn of phrase or two…but today it seems like something isn’t quite working out as it was supposed to. K’ip feels like he’s sized up the opposition pretty effectively, given the shortness of time, and that his barbs should have hit not too far off their marks. And the seething, unthinking rage is there, as expected. The strange thing is only, K’ip feels the rage coming from behind him, instead of to his front?

Why would his allies react that way, just because he insulted a bunch of complete strangers they’ve never seen before? Curious, very curious.

As for his barbs, I’d say he’s sized up the Professor, Biff and Snuka pretty well. He wasn’t quite on the mark with Mopey, probably side-tracked by her beard – he couldn’t know that that isn’t a fashion choice of hers, but an obligatory feature of evil versions from other dimensions. And that also caused him to misappraise Gregory. K’ip actually traveled through Catamitia in pursuit of his quest, but that also happened off-screen. He was pretty popular there, but still doesn’t like to talk about it. Si’ri keeps blackmailing him with the pictures.

More on Friday, i.e. tomorrow! Due to Valentine’s Day, I’m drawing next Monday’s update forward to tomorrow. Which kind of gives away the theme, but that just can’t be helped…

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  1. In fairness, one of the key aspects of the “face yourself” battle is that the mirror-you will point out your flaws and try to defeat you emotionally. To that end, K’ip saved us all time (and cinematography) by calling out everyone on their most obvious flaws, allowing the evil versions to skip to the fighting part (with some scathing remarks here and there for good measure of course).

    1. Yeah, and that’s kind of the reason for K’ip’s currently sagging popularity within the team: he saved his friends a lot of time by defeating them emotionally before the enemy could. Good from an efficiency viewpoint, but less than ideal from a tactical one, since an earlier defeat is not traditionally thought of as a boon. XD

    1. Necromancer? K’ip always thought the word was “neko-romancer”, and he was actually looking forward to meeting one…(too bad I thought of that pun just now, I could have used it in the story…)

    1. Hadn’t really seen that before, but it’s very cute. XD I guess it is a pretty obvious pun, if you think about it, I should have expected I wasn’t the first one to think of it.

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